No Doubt - Dont Speak

Mariah Carey - Without You

Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You

Ricky Martin - Private Emotion

Kelly Clarkson - Because Of You

Kansas - Dust In The Wind

James Blunt - Goodbye My Lover

Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know

Enrique Iglesias - Hero

G5line Dion - My Heart Will Go On

Christina Aguilera - You Lost Me

Christina Aguilera - Hurt

Adele - Someone Like You

14 Ways To Increase Your Testosterone Naturally

ways to increase your testosterone naturally

It seems the new fad or way for the pharmaceutical companies to separate you from your money – and your health – is with this new “Low T” or “Low Testosterone” propaganda they've cooked up. Well I say, SCREW THEM! Try these 14 ways to boost your testosterone naturally instead.

Remember, they are in business to make a profit – and for no other reason. You know how they stay profitable? By keeping you sick or coming up with ways to make you sick. Sure, the new wonder drugs to increase your testosterone can and will do just that. BUT – the long term damage this can do to your body far outweighs the initial benefits. Who cares if you get cancer right? As long as you have plenty of testosterone. SMH

Read the article below to learn…

14 Ways To Increase Your Testosterone Naturally



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